How to get completely free service of ALPHA NIGHT MANAGER

You liked the service of Alpha Night Manager. Isn't it even better if you can receive the service completely free? Find out how.

It is possible to receive completely free service of Alpha Night Manager...

"So far Alpha Night manager works fine for me. But the monthly service fee is still a cost to me. Is it possible to reduce the cost further down?"

Yes absolutely. Alpha Night Manager is originally designed to help reduce the operating cost of small hotels/motels. With the assistance of Alpha Night Manager, small hotels/motels are able to reduce the office hours as well as sell more rooms at night with no extra costs.

However, there is still a monthly service fee, although it is only a fraction of the cost of a human night manager. Could we further reduce the cost of service fee? The answer is yes. The service fee is used to cover the costs of technicians who continuously improve and maintain the control system, staff members who manage and maintain the online service, 24/7 cloud service, and 24/7 hardware monitoring and alerting services, in addition to other fixed operating costs. The costs per user can be significantly reduced if the user number is increased.  

We will be able to pass the savings to you if you help us increase the user number. You can potentially reduce the monthly service fee to NIL if you introduce more than 5 new customers to us successfully!

Here we are pleased to introduce our Affiliate Program - Alpha Night Manager VIP Client Program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alpha Night Manager VIP Client Program

The Alpha Night Manager VIP Client Program makes it possible for you to enjoy the service at a discounted price or even completely free! You will receive 20% off your bills for every new customer you introduced for as long as they remain as our client. Therefore you will receive completely FREE service if you introduce 5 customers to us!  

Does Alpha Night Manager VIP Client Program cost anything?

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Still more questions? Do not hesitate to email us at We welcome you to become our VIP member to save money for your hotel! Share and save.

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