How to get passive income by working with ALPHA NIGHT MANAGER

Do you want to make a passive income that purely depends on your effort? It is possible to achieve it by working with Alpha Night Manager. Find out how.

It is possible to receive passive income of $10k or $100K per year that purely depends on your effort...

It is very simple. For every new client you signed, you will receive the following payments: $199.8 once off plus $11 per month recurring for as long as the client maintains a vlid subscription. Therefore your income depends on how many new clients you bring to us and maintained:

with 10 sales, your passive income is $11*12*10=$1320/year plus $1998 bonus

100 sales, your passive income is $13200/year plus $19980 bonus

200 sales, your passive income is $26400/year plus $39960 bonus

500 sales, your passive income is $66000/year plus $99900 bonus

"This is truely passive income, which means working for it once and it keeps flowing in month after month. "

Frequently Asked Questions about Alpha Night Manager Affiliate Program

The Alpha Night Manager Affiliate Program makes it possible for you to make passive income if you like sales! You will receive recurring commission for every new sale you achieved for as long as the client stays with us. Your income completely depends on your effort. 

Does Alpha Night Manager Affiliate Program cost anything?

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How to register as an Affiliate?

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Ok, Now let me join “Alpha Night Manager Affiliate Program”

Follow the steps below to join the Alpha Night Manager Affiliate Program and enjoy passive income generated in your free time.

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    Fill in the registration form: Please fill in the form below. Please answer all questions.
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    Log into your affiliate account: We will email you once your affiliate account is created. Please follow the instruction to log into your account.
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    Recommend our product: Once logging into your account you will be able to find out your referral number. Start sending emails or messages out to anyone who would benefit from our product, using a link with your referral number. Make sure to let your contacts know that they will get a 20% discount of their setup fee if they mention your affiliate username (ID). You can order copies of flyer that you can distribute to potential hotels. It is very important to visit hotels and meet hotel managers to convince them that Alpha Night Manager is useful to them.

Now Let us get started:

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P.S.: Act right NOW to start making passive income using your free time. Remember the money you can make depends on your effort. Start distributing the brochure today and receive passive income!

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