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Alpha Night Manager Installation and Utilization Manuals

Please read the Install Guide for the hardware now to start preparing for installation of the computer hardware. If you still have questions please contact us by emailing to or use the online chat below. You may also read the software manual  to understand more how the software system is used.  

How does Alpha Night Manager work?
Alpha Night Manager is mainly used to advise late arriving guests their room numbers. When a guest arrives late, he/she selects the option of "Check in" or "book a room". If he/she selects "Check in", he/she will be asked to input his/her name and nights of stay. if the input info matches what you set up earlier, he/she will be given their room number and safe code. He/she then opens the safe and takes the envelop with keys and instructions. If he/she selects "book a room", he/she will be asked to pay online, and if successful he/she will be given the room number and safe code. Therefore everyday before you close the office, you need to determine which rooms are for late arrivals and for sales, and then set them up in the system. You will be notified if there is any check-in or sales late on. The status of the computer will be monitored 24/7 by us and if anything goes wrong you will be notified too. 

Power and Wifi requirements
Alpha Night Manager requires constant power and WIFI to work properly. Therefore it is very important that Alpha Night Manager has constant access to power and WIFI. First of all, power supply for Alpha Night Manager needs to be organized. In the planning stage before Alpha Night Manager arrives at your hotel, you should have a fairly good idea where/how you are going to power it. Alpha Night Manager is equipped with a power cable which is connected to a power adapter (supplied). The power adapter needs to plug into a power point. You need to make sure there is a power point that is close to the location where Alpha Night Manager is to be installed, and the power adapter can be securely plugged into it. Please organize in advance the access to a power point near the installation location. Secondly, a reasonably strong WIFI signal needs to be available to Alpha Night Manager. If your hotel does not have a WIFI but you have internet connection, you can easily set up a WIFI using a wireless router. Alpha Night Manager does need a WIFI with stable internet connection to work.     

Alpha Night Manager Install Guide


Decide what you need

First of all, decide what you need and whether you need to acquire additional device. There are three possible ways of using Alpha Night Manager in your hotel. Option 1: keep the rooms for check-in and sales unlocked and use Alpha Night Manager to advise guest the room number. You leave any relevant instructions in the room. In this case you do not need to acquire anything else. Option 2: keep the rooms for check-in and sales locked and leave the keys in a digital key safe next to Alpha Night Manager and use Alpha Night Manager to advise guest the room number and access code to open the key safe. In this case you need to acquire a digital key safe. Digital key safes are available at the Bunnings or other local shops.  Option 3: keep the rooms for check-in and sales locked by smart locks and use Alpha Night Manager to advise guest room number and access code to unlock the smart lock. In this case you need to have smart locks installed. Although there are three options, you do not need to change your existing lock system at all to use with Alpha Night Manager. If you already have smart locks installed, you can simply choose Option 3. Otherwise you can choose either Option 1 or Option 2. We recommend Option 2 to any hotels which is a solution that balances security and convenience. If this is what you think too, please acquire a digital key safe and install it below or next to the touchscreen computer. 

In summary, you would need only a touchscreen computer or a computer with a digital safe. We highly recommend that you install a digital safe which is readily available in local hardware stores such as the Bunnings. 


Check what is in package

Now you know which option you want to go, and you just received the package. Check carefully whether you have received everything as shown in the pictures. You should have the following in your package: touchscreen computer with power adapter, wall mount accessories, software manual. 


Install touch screen computer

Now install the touchscreen tablet on the wall. An electrician can assist this, or our technician will be able to do it as well.


Install key safe

Now install a digital key safe next or below the touchscreen pad, if you decide to use a digital safe. 


Get ready for service start

Now check whether the touchscreen computer and digital key safe work fine. Step 1: Switch on the power for computer and check whether the screen lights up. Step 2: Check the digital safe to make sure the code works fine. Read the manual for digital safe if needed. Step 3: Get staff to familiarize themselves with the software and key safe.  

Alpha Night Manager Software Manual

Please download the software manual on how to use the software. You should have received a copy of the Software Manual in the post package too. Your user name and password to access the control system are on the manual. Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference. 


Initial Setup

In initial setup, you set up the following´╝ÜFirstly, the email and mobile number to receive notifications, and whether you would receive notification by email and/or SMS. Secondly, the office hours during which the office will be open and Alpha Night Manager will be at Day Mode, outside which Alpha Night Manager will be at Night Mode. During Day mode Alpha Night Manager will be showing text advertisements set up by you while during Night mode Alpha Night Manager will be working as night duty officer. Thirdly, the advertisement to show during office hours. Fourthly, rooms info for sale including room type and price etc. 

You only need to set up these once and can modify them at any time.   


Setup Late-arriving Rooms

Now set up the rooms for late check-in. Simply click the button and input necessary information. Note that you may need to input different information depending on which option you are using. The system is set to be Option 2 i.e. using a digital key safe and therefore you need to input room number, guest name, safe code, and room number.   


Setup Rooms for Sale

Next set up the rooms for sale tonight. Simply click the button and type in necessary information. You need to type in room number, then choose room type and the pre-set information will be loaded automatically, then input safe code or other information depending on which option you are using. 


Start Night Manager

You may let Alpha Night Manager to switch to Night mode and start working at any time by clicking the status button to toggle between the Day mode and Night mode.  Alpha Night Manager will automatically switch to Night Mode when the time is outside the office hours and switch to Day mode when the time is within the office hours. The status button allows Alpha Night Manager to start working at any time.  


Check Records and Statements

You can check the history of check-in and room sales in the system by simply clicking the relevant menu. You can also check the monthly statements including current month statement to see the detailed data. 

What to do if I have a problem with Alpha Night Manager

Simply switch off the power and switch it on again, and Alpha Night Manager will self-check and self-start itself. If still problems, contact us immediately.