Features of Alpha Night Manager

  • Hard-working system. The computer works 24/7 without interruption. During office hours it works at day mode and during afterhours it works at night mode. At day mode, it rotates advertisements continuously. At night mode, it does the jobs of guest check-in and sales of guest rooms.
  • Simple to use device. The computer is a simple plug-and-play device. Whenever there is a problem, simply unplug the power and replug it, the system will restart automatically.
  • Harsh working environment. The computer is designed to work under harsh outside environment. This is important for Alpha Night Manager as the device will be most often installed in an outside environment.
  • Easy to maintain device. The computer is maintenance free. The hotel staff do not need to chang anything in the system or do not even need to touch it once installed. The software will be upgraded remotely by us.
  • Easy to use guest service system. The guest service system is very easy to use. It is intuitive to use. Anyone including senior people will have no problem using it. It is also multi-lingual which could be convenient to some guests.
  • Easy to use control system. The control system is very easy to use. Again it is intuitive to use. No special training is needed for the reception staff or night manager to use the control system.
  • Mobile friendly system. Night manager can save the app on his mobile phone homescreen to have quick access to the control system.
  • Ontime notification. Night manager is notified of every event. Whenever there is a check-in or room sale, night manager will receive a SMS and/or email notification about it.
  • Automatic office communication. Office is notified of every night activities. Every morning when the office opens, the reception will receive an email with a summary of last night's check-ins and sales. Also at the end of each month, a monthly statement will sent to the office for record.
  • Complete historical data. Every single check-in and sale record is saved and easily retrievable at any time by hotel management.

Screenshots of Guest Service System

Front page of Night Mode

Guest Self-Check-in 

Booking a vacant room 

Screenshots of Hotel Control System

Dashboard page

Everyday setup page 

Check in records page 

Screenshots of Night Manager App

Dashboard page

Setup page 

Check in records page