Is Alpha Night Manager integrated with a PMS?

How long does it take to get Alpha Night Manager up and running?

Do I need a professional installer to install Alpha Night Manager?

Do I need to train staff to use Alpha Night Manager?

How can I stop the service?

 What record would I get?

 Were there a lot of chargeback requests for online room sales by ANM?

Could we further lower the cost?

Do I need to buy anything else to use with Alpha Night Manager?

What does a hotel need to have to use ANM?

What is included in the installation package and what about warranty of the hardware?

How do I maintain the touchscreen computer?

What sort of technical support is available?

Are there any other ongoing costs associated with Alpha Night Manager?

We use a conventional mechanical lock system, do we need to make any changes?

Can I make any suggestions/requests on the product?

Is it safe to use a digital key safe?