Terms For Affiliates

Note that you will need to sign a formal agreement once we receive your form.

1. Applicability of Terms

Alpha Night Manager is an after hours self-check-in solution for hotels/motels. An affiliate represents ANM to sell products/services to potential clients (hotels/motels/short term accommodation). The terms are for the affiliates or sales representatives who are selling the products and services of Alpha Night Manager. Herein affiliates or sales represenative will be referred to as "You" while Alpha Night Manager will be referred to as "We or ANM". 

2. Eligibility

You need to apply to become an affiliate of ANM. We reserve the right to determine whether to accept your application. We will need you to go through our training process and may request you to purchase T-shirts with ANM logo and marketing flyers. 

3. Casual Employment

You will be employed as a casual worker of ANM and you will have to follow our payroll procedure. Your position starts officially on the day that your staff information form is returned to us. No separate employment agreement will be provided. Your position can be officially terminated by either you or us by writing. 

4. Remuneration and Payment

Your remuneration purely depends on your sales performance. We would change the commission structure or amount. In this case the new commission structure applies to new clients after the changes are made. The commission structure for old clients will remain unchanged. Please note that any payment includes  superannuation benefits. The net payment to your bank account is your entitled amount minus income tax and superannuation.  

5. Termination of Employment

You may terminate employment with us at any time by writing to us. You agree to surrender all your entitlements by doing so. We may terminate your employment under the following three circumstances. First, if you do not have any active clients and thus receive no payments from us, we may terminate employment with you by writing to you. Second, we may terminate employment with you if we receive three complaints from clients. When the third complaint is received, your employment will be terminated immediately and automatically. You can no longer represent ANM and you will lose your current entitlements when this occurs.  Third, if you breach the agreement and no satisfactory explanation is received within a month, we may terminate the employment and you lose your current entitlements.

6. Confidentiality

All business information related to ANM is confidential including client information. You agree not to disclose any information related to ANM to anyone unless required by the laws to do so.  

7. Ownership

All information related to ANM including client information is the property of ANM. You can not claim ownership of anything related to ANM, including marketing ideas, new IP created by you for the marketing and operation of ANM etc. 

8. Professional ethics

You agree that you observe professional ethics when you represent ANM to promote the products. You agree not to give false or misleading statements about our products and services. Any marketing materials related to ANM and prepared by yourself must be approved in writing by ANM before distribution.

9. Complaint Handling

Once we receive the first complaint, we will forward the feedback to you immediately and give recommendations. You agree to consider recommendations and take actions to resolve the issue. A confirmation from the client that the issue has been resolved satisfactorily needs to be received by us. When the second complaint is received, you will receive a warning message from us. You will receive the termination letter immediately when we receive the third complaint.

10. Email

Email is the official communication tool between you and us. You need to make sure that your email account is working properly and check your emails regularly. It is considered communication has effected when an email is sent, although in some cases we may ask for a returned email to confirm that message has been received.

11. Insurances

You agree to report to us as soon as practically possible, whenever you have an accident and it is related to ANM. We will respond as soon as possible with recommendations. You agree to maintain at least comprehensive car insurance and health insurance at your own costs.  

12. Indemnity

You acknowledge that you indemnify ANM for any injuries, losses or damages you may suffer because of the jobs you do related to ANM. You agree to consider all risks and remedy them by maintaining appropriate insurances. 

By signing the agreement, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the terms.