Finally a dedicated hardworking night check-in assistant for night managers of small hotels/motels has arrived to assist you!

The aim of Alpha Night Manager, an afterhours check-in assistant, is to reduce the workload of a night manager to minimum, making the jobs of a night manager much easier and more manageable. 

WhAT is Alpha Night Manager?

Alpha Night Manager (ANM) is an afterhours reception solution developed by managers of small hotels/motels for managers of small hotels/motels.  ANM is specifically designed for small hotels/motels that do not have 24 hour reception but do have late arriving guests from time to time. These hotels either have to keep the reception door open for a long time until all guests have arrived, or employ a night manager to handle afterhours reception. ANM can assist the human night manager to man the reception relieving the night manager from the reception desk while providing necessary information/service to late-arriving guests. ANM makes the management of afterhours services much easier by reducing the workload of the night manager by more than 95%.

What can Alpha Night Manager assist you?

  •  ANM can man the reception 24/7, relieving night manager from being physically at reception.
  •  ANM can give room related information to guests and assist guests to get room keys.
  •  ANM can sell vacant rooms to random walk-in guests without night manager being physically there.
  •  Night manager can use ANM to  check the list of tonight's late-arriving guests and room allocation.
  • Night manager will receive notifications of every guest check-in and room sale.
  • Both night manager and office will receive a summary of last night's check-ins and room sales in the morning.
  • Office will be able to see records of all historical check-ins and room sales. 

Alpha night manager will take over the most tedious part of the night job from your night manager, reducing the workload by more than 95%. Combining with some other management tools, ANM simplifies the management of afterhours services for your hotel and improves your efficiency and reduces costs accordingly. 

Benefits of Employing Alpha Night Manager

Alpha Night Manager saves you money

Alpha Night Manager can potentially make you money

Alpha Night Manager assists your afterhours management

Alpha Night Manager provides business intelligence information

Features of ANM - hardware

The key hardware of Alpha Night Manager is a portable computer with a touchscreen. This is different from a normal computer.

It works 24/7 without interruption

Alpha Night Manager is designed to work 24/7. During office hours it works at day mode, and during afterhours it works at night mode. It is also designed to be a plug-and-play device without maintenance. 

It works in outdoor environment

Alpha Night Manager as afterhours check-in assistant is normally installed in an outdoor environment. It is designed to stand humid, dusty, cold or hot weather. 

Features of ANM - software

Alpha Night Manager has a control system for hotel to use and a client application for guests to use.

Easy to use

Alpha Night Manager is easy to use for clients, office staff and night manager. It is intuitive and no special training is needed. 

App for night manager

Night manager can save the app on the homescreen of  his/her mobile phone and has easy access to all guest information. Night manager will receive notification by email and/or message each check-in and room sale.

How much does Alpha Night Manager cost?

Alpha Night Manager is so designed that the cost is minimized, so that any hotels of any size will be able to afford it.  
Zero-deposit plan is also available, so start today with zero initial payment! 



  • Worry-free and risk-free evaluation and installation service until the service is ready to use.
  •  Lifetime free monitoring and diagnosing of hardware status and replacement if necessary.
  •  Lifetime free upgrading of software system with lifetime storage of usage data in our server.
  •  No fixed term contracts so that you can stop the service whenever the circumstance changes.

Risk Free one month FREE trial!

Do not pay anything for one month until you want to keep Alpha Night Manager

  • We install ANM for you and make sure it works as expected.
  • Do not pay anything for one month to make sure it is useful to you.
  • Cancel the service at any time 
  • One month risk free trial and lifetime worry free service. Only keep it when you are absolutely satisfied!

Contact us today to start saving/making money!

The earlier you contact us and employ Alpha Night Manager the earlier you can start saving/making money. 

Alpha Night Manager is a must-have afterhours service assistant for any small hotels/motels!